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The impacts are analyzed in the following points: Another group of people that are at risk of suffering from mental health complications are immigrants who are discriminated and lack finances to invest in health policies.

He became angry while the meeting with the social worker was in progress. Journal of Chronic Diseases. The hospital locked him up against his will by taking advantage of the fact that he could not talk and also invoking a clause in the health act.

Counseling Counseling is an important phase of health and social care. Up to words What to do fact sheet Mr. The change in perception is because of the increased intervention of the government and taking sincere efforts in order to raise awareness among public related to mental health problems like autism.

In this similar way, this need plays very important role in the life of children also as this makes them feel like that they are in the safe hand and place. Proper psychoanalysis would not have raised alarm in HL and he would not have reacted in the way he did.

Park this has been limited due to that he is visually impaired and at time will require the services of a caregiver for him to accomplish some of his daily activities. Testing the biopsychosocial model: Therefore, a framework on how to manage his anger will be developed with the help of professional care giver As an institution mandated with giving care to people with special need, there are policies and guidelines that enable us to be in constant communication with the patient to make sure he is receiving the best care.

She was recently diagnosed with hypothyroid disease. But, some people mean health as the absence of disease. Changes and improvements can be recommended on the basis of the evaluation.

The impact of legislation, social policy, society and culture is being analyzed on the ways in which services are made available to the people that have specific needs. Approaches and intervention strategies that support individuals with specific needs 3.

Understanding specific need in health and social care

In the case of HL, the intervention would help him start getting more into the routine of the outside life and start coping with the society more positively and not restrictive to those people he is accustomed to such as his driver and his immediate family, Mr.

Hence, different strategies and policies should be taken up to ensure the fulfillment of the necessities related to the individuals with specific needs Emerson, Effect of these types of taboos can be seen on the services made by health and social care organization towards autistic patients.

Hence, extra arrangement should be made to make social care system and facilities to be available for them. For example, in some country autism is considered as untreatable type of dieses. These policies cause its impact on the services offered by an organization towards children which are safe and secured environment and protecting them against the various kinds of abuses and providing them accurate attention.

The individuals who are suffering from any kind of problems like learning, mental or other are encouraged to get the necessary help from the health and social care practioners and from the health and social care centers Ager and May, As a caregiver I find it necessary that Mr.

This may be through community-based activities or individual referrals. Their energy and strengths are rejuvenated through physical intervention, which also helps them in reducing their levels of anxiety and cope with societal expectations.

Specific Need Lo2 Analyse the Care Needs of Individuals with Specific Needs. I want to firstly, thank you for attending this meeting today and coming on schedule. Also, I want to appreciate the fact that you have chosen our organisation, out of the lots you have listed, to be the appointed care provider for your father, Mr Holland Park and I.

Jun 06,  · Unit 6 LO2 Understand how media producers create products for specific audiences For this task the magazine i will be analyzing is the well known magazine called 'New scientist'.

Understanding Specific needs Academic Essay

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The people with specific needs sometimes need counseling for encouraging them and to increase their confidence.

Unit 16: Understanding Specific Needs in Health and Social Care

However, sometimes people suffer from mental disorder and face problem in their normal life. The current health and social care system provide these people with. Jun 09,  · [Understanding Specific Needs in Health and Social Care] By Insert Your Name Presented to Instructor’s Name, Course Institution Name, Location Date Due Table of Contents Overview to Holland park case study.

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3 Health. 3 Illness. 4 Disability. 4 Behavioral Issues. 4 Overview Of Case Study.

6 Overview to Case study. 9 Approaches and Interventions Available.

Specific need lo2
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